University of Waterloo Acceptance Rate and Tuition

Canada is home to many globally recognized and prestigious universities in the world. About four Canadian universities are consistently among the top 100 universities globally. The University of Waterloo is one such prestigious university located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Suppose it so happens that you have chosen the University of Waterloo as the only or one amongst the other universities you aspire to study at. In that case, it naturally follows that your next line of action should be to read to gather as much information as you can about the school. If, on the other hand, you have settled on studying in Canada, but you are having a hard time deciding on which school in particular, then we are here to help. Whichever of the two categories you fall into, this piece will come in handy. We will be giving you detailed information about the University of Waterloo’s admission requirements, acceptance rate, tuition and fees, finances, and its international students. Do stay with us.


About the University of Waterloo

When the University of Waterloo was first established on 4 April 1956, it was a semi-autonomous entity of Waterloo College, which was an affiliate of the University of Western Ontario as it originated from the Waterloo College Associate Faculties. In 1959, this entity formally separated from Waterloo College and was incorporated as a university with the passage of the University of Waterloo Act by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


The university’s main campus is currently situated on 404 hectares of land adjacent to “Uptown” Waterloo and Waterloo Park. In addition to its main campus, the university also operates three satellite campuses and four affiliated university colleges. The University of Waterloo is a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, popularly referred to as U15 for short, and thus, it is a research-intensive university.


Popular Majors

The University of Waterloo administers its wide range of academic programs through six faculties and thirteen faculty-based schools. The tons of programs the university offers notwithstanding, some of the programs the university is widely known for include:


  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences and Statistics and Operational Research
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Architecture
  • Earth Sciences, and many more.



Let us reiterate that the University of Waterloo is one of the prestigious universities in Canada. The university ranks highly both globally and nationally. It has consistently ranked among the top 10 Canadian universities. It made it to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings list of the top 250 universities in the world. The QS World University Rankings ranks the university amongst the top 175 universities in the world. Out of the 1,300 universities that made it to the list, the University of Waterloo secured a spot amongst the top 200 globally and the top 7 nationally. Due to its high rankings, the University of Waterloo is reputed to be among Canada’s top Ivy League schools.


University of Waterloo Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

In most cases, when schools are as highly rated as Waterloo is, they tend to have an acceptance rate of lower than 10%. Most Ivy League schools are in this category. Despite being an Ivy League school itself, the University of Waterloo is breaking that bais with an acceptance rate of 53%, making the school “moderately selective.” Thus, for every 100 applicants, 53 are admitted.

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The high acceptance rate notwithstanding, the admission requirements and the process in its entirety is stiff and competitive. Therefore, if you wish to be admitted, you must be among the A-grade.


To stand a chance of getting admitted into the University of Waterloo, you need to complete the SAT with a minimum score of 1,230 and possess a minimum 3.7 GPA.


The above requirements are for students who are looking to pursue regular programs. There are other specific requirements for other categories of students. For instance, students looking to pursue a program through the co-op system of study, that is, alternating 4-month school terms with 4-month paid work terms, are to meet the requirements for that program. Also, there are English Language requirements for students whose first language is not English and for students who have had their 4 most recent years of full-time education in any other language other than English.

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Since we cannot exhaust the topic of admission requirements, we advise that you visit the school’s official website to learn more about general requirements and program-specific requirements, if there are any. And when you do find that out, endeavor to outdo them as one way of ensuring your admission is by exceeding requirements.


Tuition and Fees

The topic of tuition and fees at Waterloo is a complex one. Complex in the sense that the school tuition varies from student to student. However, the major determinants of how much a student will pay as tuition are first, if the student in question is a domestic/local or international student, secondly, if such student is a part-time or full-time student, thirdly, if such student is pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or any other kind of degree, and lastly, the specific program such student is applying for as some programs attract higher tuition than others.

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Having said that, a year at Waterloo will most likely cost a Canadian student an estimated C$8,000-C$16,000 and an international student an estimated C$43,000-C$63,000. Keep in mind that the above figure is an estimate. For more accurate information about tuition and fees at Waterloo, kindly visit the school’s official website at


University of Waterloo Financial Aid

As an institution that is dedicated to ensuring that every deserving student is not deprived of the opportunity of getting a world-class education, the University of Waterloo aspires to identify students with financial needs and give them the financial assistance necessary to enable them to complete their studies. It is to this end that Waterloo offers a variety of entrance scholarships to students entering their first year of full-time studies. As an applicant, the moment you kickstart your admission process, you will automatically qualify to be considered for several scholarships.


Therefore, we will advise you to, alongside processing your admission, also apply for as many financial aids, especially scholarships, bursaries, and grants, as possible. For detailed information on all financial aids, visit Waterloo’s financial aid office via the official website.


International Students

Waterloo has amongst its students about 30,000 students from over 120 countries of the world. Thus, if you are an international student, you will meet students, professors, and researchers from across Canada and all over the world. So, if the reason you are yet to make up your mind about applying is that you are an international student, we assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. Waterloo will treat you the same way it treats its Canadian students. So, proceed to the school’s official website to learn more about admission requirements, how to apply, and the support services and financial aids available to you as an international student.


We are rooting for you.

Best of Luck!

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