The Best HMO in Nigeria and What Make Them Stand out

The Best HMO in Nigeria and What Make Them Stand out


Have you ever thought about HMO for yourself or your entire family? In Nigeria, many people do not consider health insurance seriously. Sometimes, this is because they’re not aware. Sometimes, their personal beliefs and belief about insurance can hinder searching for the most effective health insurance policy.


However, the benefit of health insurance should be something you ought to give a lot more consideration to.


What is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)?

HMO is an organization that offers health insurance at an annual or monthly fee. It is a collection consisting of medical insurance providers who provide medical services through doctors.


Throughout the year, health issues have been reported to be increasing. They are being exposed to more extreme levels of pollution and other health risks that can cause an individual to be more susceptible to illnesses. In the long run, this could not only be life-threatening but financially draining.




The decision to sign up for a health insurance policy that includes an HMO is essential. It will ensure that you can pay for medical treatment without being in debt.

Although having a medical insurance policy is crucial, specific considerations should be considered to determine the most effective healthcare organizations to benefit you and your family.


Top 3 Best HMOs in Nigeria

The 3 top HMOs in Nigeria currently are:

  1. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO is among the most well-known HMOs available in Nigeria currently. It was established in 1986 and has since offered a variety of health plans to numerous.


One of the significant aspects of Hygeia is the fact that they offer a variety of affordable plans. Some of their most well-known plans are:


  • Corporate Plan
  • Personal Plan
  • Family Plan

Hygeia HMO

  1. Reliance HMO

Reliance HMO offers incredibly flexible plans. Contrary to other HMOs in Nigeria that have a rigid policy, Reliance tailors theirs to meet the needs of different types of people.


You can pay either annually, quarterly, or even monthly through their many plans. You can also make plans available to family members. This can be done by giving them a gift to present them with a much-deserved gift. The Alexandrite Plan and the Red Beryl Plan come with various benefits at a reasonable cost. The benefits range from the smallest of medical issues to major surgeries.


hmo3 1


Reliance HMO

  1. Medicare HMO

Redcare HMO is among the top in Nigeria with affordable choices. If you’re looking for a package that’s not intended for business or personal use, Their packages will meet your needs.

Medicare HMO



Most people don’t make the giant leap of locating the most effective insurance policy in Nigeria. It is because they believe they are too rigid and costly.


These Health Maintenance organizations indeed provide a variety of options to pick from. There is no reason not to take advantage of health insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones.


Suppose you’ve been on a different plan but want to change plans for specific reasons. If so, you can pick from a variety of plans to choose from.


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Apply for an HMO

Frequently Asked Questions
What is HMO mean?

HMO means Health Maintenance Organization.


Who pays the bill?

HMO Members pay an annual charge whatever the price of health services within a month.


How did they make it?

HMOs were created to guard funds against paying for unnecessary services a patient’s primary doctor could have offered.


Why should you choose HMO instead of PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)?

PPO plans generally have a monthly cost that is higher than HMOs.


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