Best scholarship for African student 2022

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2022 Scholarships for African Students   Are you an African student hoping to gain a well-funded scholarship for the 2022 academic year? Well, then you should read this.   Loads of scholarships are offered to African students each year by various organizations, and some are tailored specifically to African students. Before applying for any scholarship, … Read more

International Scholarships For Somalians 2022

International Scholarships For Somalians

In this post, we will be looking at some of the top International scholarships for Somalians.   In Somalia, higher education has mostly been commercialized to fulfill the growing demand for young school-leavers seeking university education. Currently, over 50,000 students are enrolled in higher education institutions around the country. The vast majority of students are … Read more

Best interswitch Competition to Nigerians and Kenyans 2023


Interswitch National Science Contest is an annual private and public secondary school competition across Nigeria  and Kenya  reserved to 2nd-grade (grade 11) students aged 14-17 years old. InterswitchSPAK is an annual competition that InterswitchSPAK competition is intended to showcase the best career path for students and help them towards their potential and achieve their ambitions (as … Read more

Find the UNICAF Scholarship that is Right for You

UNICAF Scholarship

If you are an African student seeking good opportunities of higher education, then you should learn about UNICAF scholarships. These scholarships are offer very good opportunities for students seeking degrees in the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees. They offer this opportunity in 3 different ways: Online courses UNICAF university and its branch campuses and learning … Read more