Warning signs of kidney failure

Warning signs of kidney failure, if your kidney is unable to function properly your body becomes loaded with toxins this is exactly what causes kidney failure and  if not handled early enough can become  life threatening and also cause damage to the kidney and other vital organs of the body.

Warning signs of kidney failure you often notice you are Tired.

Kidneys eliminate bloodborne waste and release it in your urine. If your kidneys aren’t functioning properly, toxins may accumulate. The most common sign is fatigue. You might feel tired and weak or experience difficulty concentrating. Kidneys create a hormone that instructs your body to produce red blood cells. If you’re not having enough of them, the blood cannot supply enough oxygen to your brain and muscles as they require.


unable to sleep well

Research suggests a link between sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease (CKD) that, in time, can damage your organs and result in kidney failure. Sleep apnea could harm the kidneys because it prevents your body from receiving sufficient oxygen. CKD can cause sleep apnea due to restricting your throat, creating toxins accumulation, and many other ways.


your skin is always Itching

This could occur if your kidneys aren’t able to remove toxins, and they get accumulated within your blood. It can cause an itchy rash or cause you to scratch all over. As time passes, your kidneys may be unable to balance the nutrients and minerals within your body. This can cause bone and mineral disease that can cause your skin to be dehydrated, itchy, and dry.


Swollen Feet and face

If your kidneys cannot remove sodium efficiently, the fluids accumulate within your body. It can result in swelling of your feet, hands, ankles, legs, or a puffy facial appearance. You may notice swelling, particularly around your ankles and feet. The protein leaking from your urine could appear as puffiness around your eyes.


The presence of cramps on your leg or elsewhere could be a sign of poor kidney function. A lack of balance in calcium, sodium, or potassium levels and other electrolytes may interfere with how your nerves and muscles function.

always unable to breath well

If you suffer from kidney diseases, your kidneys can’t produce enough hormones known as erythropoietin. The hormones instruct your body to create red blood cells. Without it, you may experience anemia and feel tired. Another reason could be fluid accumulation. You may have difficulty breathing. In the most severe instances lying down can make you feel like you’re in a puddle.


constant  Headache and dizziness

If your kidneys fail to remove every waste from your body, toxins may impact the brain. Anemia may also hinder your brain from the oxygen it requires. You may experience dizziness and experience problems concentrating and memory. You might get so lost that you experience difficulty with simple tasks.


Low Appetite

Kidney disease can trigger nausea, vomiting, and even upset stomachs. This can leave you with fewer food cravings. This can result in weight reduction.

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Rotten Breath

When the kidneys can’t remove debris, it may result in a condition known as Uremia. This can cause your mouth to smell. In addition, the toxins that are in your bloodstream may cause food to have a metallic or off-flavor.

carbonated or Bloody Urine

 swollen pee can be an indication of excess albumin protein. This can be a result of kidney problems. It can also result in brownish or pale urine. A malfunctioning kidney can cause blood to escape into the bladder. Urine blood could result from renal stones, tumors, or infection.

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