Best Scholarships in the UK for Medicine Students 2023

Best Scholarships in the UK for Medicine Students, If you’ve ever wanted to study medicine in the United Kingdom but are worried about the cost,
this article is for you.
We have carefully selected some of the greatest scholarships in the UK for medicine students,
which will undoubtedly be of great assistance to you.

Best Scholarships in the UK for Medicine Students

Even in the United Kingdom, studying medicine is often highly expensive.
As a result, one major issue with studying medicine in the United Kingdom is a lack of financial
resources on the part of students, particularly those from underdeveloped nations.
Many financial arrangements in the form of scholarships and grants are easily accessible to
medical students to assist put a stop to this situation.

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10 Scholarships in the UK for Medicine Students

They are:

King’s College London GHSM Scholarships

The Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College offers human medicine
scholarships to international students who cannot afford to study medicine in the United
For full-time entry applicants, the college provides an undergraduate grant of £9,250 and a
postgraduate scholarship worth up to £11,040.

Johnson and Johnson Global Mental Health Fellowship

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is providing this scholarship. This award is
open to international students from all continents throughout the world.
This program is designed for students who want to pursue a master’s degree in the Global
Mental Health Program in the United Kingdom.

The advantages of this scholarship include complete tuition at the KCL abroad fee rate, a
stipend (living allowance) of GBP 16,950.00, and a GBP 500.00 allowance to support M.Sc
project expenditures.

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British Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships are a UK government scholarship for overseas students with
shown leadership potential and good academic credentials. It is completely sponsored and
allows you to spend a year in the United Kingdom.
The scholarship will typically cover the student’s tuition, living expenses, travel expenses, visa
fees, and payment of health checks, such as tuberculosis testing, if applicable.

Frank Olufemi Akindolie Medical Scholarship

This is a privately financed scholarship for ethnic minority medical students in the United
Kingdom. More than one scholarship award may be awarded in extraordinary situations.
Applicants must be full-time students from ethnic minorities enrolled in a UK medical school.
Students in secondary school who are still thinking about a profession in medicine or who have
the offer to start medical school in the future are not eligible to apply.
The prize money is £1,500. It also includes a year of mentoring.

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scholarships in the uk for Year of the Nurse and Midwife Scholarships

Successful overseas students can apply for the Year of the Nurse and Midwife Scholarship,
which is accessible across a variety of nursing and midwifery programs.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing:
Holders of our one-year nursing top-up programs can apply.
MA in Nursing:

scholarships in the uk, Holders with a first or second-class degree are eligible to apply. In year one, this scholarship is
worth £3,500.
MSc in Nursing:
Offers with a first or second-class degree are eligible. This scholarship is valued at £2,000.

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MSc in Midwifery
Offers with a first or second-class degree are eligible. This scholarship is valued at £2,000.

NHS Student Bursaries

Funding is available if you are pursuing a career as a doctor or dentist and are:
● pursuing a 5- or 6-year undergraduate degree (you can apply from year 5).
● studying a three- or four-year graduate-entry program (you can apply from year 2).
● a returning NHS Bursary student who began your study before August 1, 2017

If you completed an intercalation year within the first four years of your undergraduate medical
degree, it may count toward your qualifying year of study for NHS Bursary assistance.
If you are a full-time student, you may apply for:
● A non-means-tested stipend of £1,000 each academic year is available.
● Contribution to tuition fees
● depending on your household income, means-tested bursary

scholarships in the uk Livesey

Two students who complete the Pathways to Medicine Programme are awarded Livesey
The Pathways to Medicine program was created for students from the North West of England
who come from under-represented backgrounds at institutions.
It offers guidance, skills, and assistance to help you better your application to medical school
and similar professional healthcare courses. The scholarships will cover all tuition costs for the five-year program.

scholarships in the uk for John Abernethy Scholarships

This is another excellent scholarship granted by the Queen Mary University of London, and it is
open to both foreign and British students planning to study medicine.
It will last for the whole five years of your study in the United Kingdom.
It is named after the founder of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital’s Medical College.

Every year, three
new medical students and one new dentistry student receive them.
Eligibility: All students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry are eligible for the scholarships,
which are offered based on household income and the completion of at least three grade A A-
levels. The scholarships are worth £5,000 per year for a total of five years.

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Hull York Medical School Bursary

If you are a UK MBBS Medicine student at Hull York Medical School and your residual family
income is £25,000 or less, you are eligible for the Hull York Medical School Bursary, which is
worth £2,400 per year.
How to Apply
All students at the school are automatically enrolled.

Eligibility for scholarships-in-the-uk

You must be registered at the University of Hull, studying MBBS Medicine or MBBS Medicine
with a Gateway Year at Hull York Medical School, and have a family income of £25,000 or less
to be eligible for the Hull York Medical School Bursary.
Students from the following groups are not eligible:
● Transfer students from another university
● Students from outside the United Kingdom
● Students whose home income has not been determined by their student support

Birmingham Global Scholarship of Excellence

The College of Medical Sciences and Dentistry offers a variety of scholarships called Global
Scholarships of Excellence.
The word Global refers to the fact that the scholarships are available worldwide and are based
on excellent standards.
This award is open to British students. Graduates, post-graduate master’s programs, and
dentistry sciences are all eligible for these scholarships.

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