Best DAAD Scholarship Database for PhD 2023-2024

Best Daad scholarship Database for PhD 2023-2024,will be a wholly funded scholarship open to international students. The scholarship can be used for students who want to complete their Master’s or Ph.D. at the most prestigious German universities. DAAD scholarship funds cover monthly installments of 861 euros for graduates and 1,200 euros for doctoral applicants.


Best Daad scholarship Database for PhD 2023-2024

If you want to pursue a degree in Germany with a scholarship, go through this article. Will we go over in detail the DAAD Scholarship 2023? The benefits it offers and the step-by-step application process.

Experts with a high level of education are linked to International partners and play a significant part in the sustainable growth of their nations. They’re the best way to ensure a better tomorrow with less poverty, better education, and improved health for everyone. With its postgraduate studies geared towards developing countries and development-oriented postgraduate study programs, the DAAD encourages the education of specialists from developing and emerging industrialized nations.

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For International Students

The scholarships give international students from developing and newly industrialized nations from all disciplines the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate or Master’s degree from an accredited, recognized state or a state-owned German university and, in some instances, to pursue a doctoral level degree and obtain an academic qualification (Master’s/PhD) to be awarded in Germany.


DAAD Scholarship 2023 Summary

  • Level of Study: Doctoral (PhD) / Masters
  • Institution: DAAD
  • Studied in Germany
  • Courses Offered:
    • Economic Sciences, Law
    • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
    • Art, Design
    • Engineering and Natural Sciences
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Language and Cultural Studies
    • Mathematics, Natural Sciences
    • Medicine, Health Sciences
    • It is also possible to view the full list of all available Postgraduate Courses.
  • Program Duration: Between 12 and 36 months, based on the duration of the program chosen for study.
  • DAAD Scholarship Deadline: Please check deadlines here depending on the chosen study program.

DAAD Scholarship Coverage

DAAD Award 2023 to study for Masters or Ph.D. Germany provides the winner with the following advantages:

  • Based on the academic level, monthly payments of 861 euros for graduate students or 1200 euros for doctoral students.
  • Travel allowance, unless the costs are covered by the host country or by a different source of funding
  • Health or personal liability insurance coverage.
  • One-off study allowance.

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In some circumstances, students who have been awarded scholarships can receive the following benefits in addition to their scholarship:

  • Rent subsidy for the month.
  • Contribution to tuition fees can be paid by an institution (max. EUR 500.- per semester).


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Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Scholarship 2023

To be qualified to be considered for DAAD Scholarship 2023 to study for Masters and Ph.D. Germany, the applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

Best Tips to prepare for Scholarships 2022

  • Required Languages: English or German.
    • For international programs, the language that is taught will be English. Most students are required to present the English certification of their language, e.g., TOEFL or IELTS.
    • In others, they will require that the primary language used for instruction will usually be German. They typically ask for the German certification of language, e.g., DSH or Test DaF.
  • Eligible countries: Click here for the list of eligible countries for HTML0.
  • Candidates need to attain a Bachelor’s degree (usually an academic program of four years) as well as a Masters’s degree in a relevant area.
  • At the very minimum, students should have two years of professional work experience.
  • Candidates can prove their motivation is development-related and expect to take on social responsibility and initiate and support change processes in their personal and professional environment after their training/scholarship.

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How to Apply for DAAD Scholarship 2023-2024

To apply for the DAAD Scholarship 2023 to study Masters’s and Ph.D. in Germany, Please follow the step-by-step procedure:

 applying for multiple courses under Best Daad scholarship Database for PhD 2023-2024

You may apply for up to three courses. If you’re applying to multiple courses, list the courses by priority on your DAAD application forms (see 7. Choice of the host university/institution in Germany). Do not change the priorities in the application form!

Required Documents for Best Daad scholarship Database for PhD 2023-2024

  • Signature DAAD application form that has the current date
  • Personally signed CV (please use the sample euro pass form at with the current date.
  • Personally addressed and signed a letter of motivation (concerning the current position and preference for the postgraduate program(s), Two-page maximum) with the current date.
  • Necessary: If you are applying for more than one postgraduate degree (maximum three courses), You must send a motivational letter explaining why you’re applying to the specific course. Also, why you have chosen the course, you want to take.
  • A letter of reference from the current company. The letter must include an official signature, letterhead, and official stamp and be valid for the current year (not in an envelope sealed)
  • Certificate(s) for Employment issued by the employer(s) that proves that you have at least two years of relevant work experience (after the Bachelor’s degree) when you submit your application. Also, if possible, a written guarantee of re-employment by your current employer after returning to your home.
  • Proof of Language Skills:
    • English, either TOEFL or IELTS (Note that the TOEFL test used by the institution is not recognized.)
    • German is required for classes taught in German
  • Copies of academic degrees (certified translations if required)
  • A copy from Academic Transcripts, incl. the grading scale (certified translation, if needed)
  • Candidates of the People’s Republic of China must provide an APS Certificate with their application documents.

NOTE: Some courses may require additional documents. For more information, check the appropriate description of the course in the Brochure and on the respective websites. Candidates must submit a complete application in English or German for consideration.

Best Scholarships to Canada for International Students 2022

Canada Student Grants Loans & Scholarships:

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 Selection Procedure for DAAD Scholarship:

  1. Choose courses that are of interest. (You can apply for a maximum of three courses)
  2. Make an application to the universities that offer those programs.
  3. Complete your application(s) (with the abovementioned documents) directly to universities.
  4. A selection committee makes recommendations for applicants for a DAAD scholarship.
  5. DAAD will notify potential candidates to upload their complete applications on their DAAD Portal. (The URL for the DAAD Portal is to be sent via DAAD via email)
  6. The authority will conclude the process of selection. DAAD will inform the proposed candidates accordingly.


Be sure to have a copy of every item in your application in case these documents (as PDF documents) must be submitted to DAAD Portal if you are recommended to apply for the DAAD award!

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