Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate



Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Are you curious about what is the University of Oxford’s acceptance rate? You’re on the right track.

Suppose you plan to pursue a degree within your home country of the United Kingdom. If that is the case, Oxford University is an excellent choice due to the admissions procedure and acceptance rate.

Knowing the acceptance rate for your University can help you make an informed decision regarding University of Oxford admissions and the admissions process,

This paper will explain all you must know about the Oxford University acceptance rate.


Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

About Oxford University Scholarship

Oxford Institution is a research university situated in Oxford, located in the English Oxford city. There is no official beginning date; however, the evidence for instruction goes back to 1096. Oxford Institution is the oldest English-speaking University globally, and the second-oldest University is still in existence.

It grew rapidly after Henry II barred English scholars from the University of Paris in 1167. After a dispute between residents and students of Oxford, many scholars emigrated to the northeast to Cambridge, where they founded the later University of Cambridge.

Two “old institutions” are often called “Oxbridge.”

The University is made up of various institutions, which include 38 colleges as well as several departments of the University, organized into four sections.

In essence, the colleges are all independent institutions within the University. Each has its structures, members, and activities.



The University of Oxford comprises over 30 halls and universities that offer every student a desirable and safe environment right from the beginning. The school is completely modern and has modern teaching aids.


Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Keep in mind that, in contrast to American institutions, Oxbridge has minimum standards for you to be able to complete an application and even view it; otherwise, your application is not considered.


Additionally, unlike in this country and the United States, you can only apply to Oxford or Cambridge and not both.

What Is the University of Oxford Law Acceptance Rate?

According to Wikipedia, the Faculty of Law, Oxford, is the law faculty of Oxford University. The University of Oxford with an impressive history of more than 800 years of writing and teaching law.


It is unique because it employs individualized tutorials as its primary method of education for its graduate and undergraduate classes, where students are taught by faculty fellows in small groups of three to one weekly. It also has the biggest Doctor of Law program globally that is English-speaking. It is in Oxford’s Social Sciences Division at Oxford.


The acceptance rate is about 8 percent. Oxford’s law school is among the most sought-after law schools around the globe. Based on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the school is currently top of the line globally.


Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

The overall acceptance rate for the school is 17%. However, it’s much harder for students from abroad. Their acceptance of international students rate was about 9 percent last year.


Where Is Oxford University?

The University of Oxford, founded in 1096, and situated in Oxford, England, is the longest-running University in the English language.

Oxford University Tuition

Course fees to be paid by students who are enrolled are 9,250 pounds. The fees cover tuition and academic supervision, academic services, and facilities offered by the school (including your faculty or department) and the colleges. However, it does not cover housing or other expenses for living.


Home students can apply for an education loan by the UK government for the total amount of their tuition fee without making any payments before.


If you’re not classified as a ‘Home’ or ‘Home’-student, you are classified as an “Overseas'” student and not qualified for a tuition fee or loan through the UK government. If you’re studying abroad, you’ll be charged a greater amount of tuition fees that may differ based on the course of study. Students from other countries’ tuition typically are between PS27,840 and PS39,010.*


Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Oxford University is made up of over 30 colleges. Colleges are academic communities in which students are taught. Each has its bar, dining hall, common room, library, and numerous college societies and clubs.


Students who are undergraduates at Oxford are part of specific colleges and the University in its entirety.

Here are some of the Oxford University colleges. of Oxford University:

  • Balliol College
  • Brasenose College
  • Christ Church
  • Corpus Christi College
  • Exeter College
  • Harris Manchester College
  • Hertford College
  • Jesus College
  • Keble College
  • Lady Margaret Hall
  • Lincoln College
  • Magdalen College
  • Mansfield College
  • Merton College
  • New College
  • Oriel College
  • Pembroke College
  • The Queen’s College
  • Regent’s Park College
  • St Anne’s College
  • St Benet’s Hall
  • St Catherine’s College
  • St Edmund Hall
  • St Hilda’s College
  • St Hugh’s College
  • St John’s College
  • St Peter’s College
  • Somerville College
  • Trinity College
  • University College
  • Wadham College
  • Worcester College
  • Wycliffe Hall

Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022

When Was Oxford Founded?

Oxford is a unique and historic institution. It is among the most prestigious universities in the world of English. There is no specific date of its establishment. But, the history tells us that the University was established in 1096, and it grew quickly as Henry II banned English students from the University of Paris in 1167.



University Of Oxford Notable Alumni

Oxford University is well-known for its experienced faculty, excellent educational experience, and vast alumni community referred to as ‘Oxoninas.’


Every two years, Oxford produces noteworthy students who have an impact in their chosen fields and add to the ranks of notable and prominent Oxonians. Oxford has produced 30 world leaders and 27 British Prime Ministers, 120 Olympic medalists, fifty Nobel Prize winners, and 47 Nobel Laureates.


Here are some of the most noteworthy Oxford University Alumni:

  1. Albert Einstein

Einstein briefly was a student at Christ Church College in the 1930s before his move to his native United States. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, named “Person of the Century” in Time Magazine, transformed Physics into the science we use today.


  1. Tony Blair – Former British Prime Minister

Tony Blair, who graduated from St. John’s College with a law degree, served as the Prime Premier in the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007. Blair also acts as an advisor to many foreign countries.


  1. Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Lester Pearson, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, also attended St John’s. The former prime minister of Canada was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for his contribution to solving the Suez Canal Crisis. Suez Canal Crisis through the United Nations Emergency Force.


Best Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022

The Daily Beast was launched in 2008 by the editor at Tatler, New Yorker, and Vanity Fair magazine. In 1974 her graduation was at St Anne’s College. Her first job was as a journalist and then as a columnist. She later became the talk show host for “Topic A,” a talk show that is a part of CNBC. Her most well-known work is her novel”The Diana Chronicles’ which was released on June 7, 2007, as a biographical account of Lady Diana, the princess of Wales.


  1. Adam Smith

Thanks to the Snell Fellowship, Adam Smith was a student at Balliol College (1740-1746). Smith was an internationally renowned economist and was a major actor in the Scottish Enlightenment. His books, such as “An Investigation into the Causes and Nature of National Wealth and the Moral Sentiments Theory, remain popularly read worldwide.


  1. Margaret Thatcher – Former British Prime Minister –

Margaret Thatcher earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Sommerville College in 1943. She served as The British PM from 1979 until 1900 and remains the nation’s First female Premier today. Iron Lady is also referred to her because she was one of the most influential political figures worldwide during the 1980s.


  1. Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch, the media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the media billionaire, studied at Worcester College from 1949 to 1952. He was the founder of News Limited, a privately owned media corporation. After its success, he expanded into his home country of the United Kingdom, and his holding company, called ‘News Corporation,’ currently holds The Wall Street Journal (2007), HarperCollins (1989) as well as Twentieth Century Fox (1985).



  1. J.R.R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien is well-known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was a student at Exeter College. From 1945 until 1959, Tolkien was a lecturer for Merton College at Oxford University.


  1. Bill Clinton – Former President of the United States

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, served as the President from 1993 until 2001. He is a well-known alumnus of the University College. From 1969 until 1971, Clinton was a student with a Rhodes scholarship. He majored in philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).


  1. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant, a Golden Globe and BAFTA winner, was a student at New College after obtaining the Galsworthy Fellowship in 1979. Here Hugh Grant was the lead actor in his first film, ‘Privileged,’ the first Oxford University Film Foundation production.


  1. Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde studied ‘Greats, the subject of his undergraduate studies covering all classics, including Ancient Rome, Greece, Latin, Greek, and philosophy. He learned during his time at Magdalen College from 1874 to 1878.


How To Enter Oxford

To be admitted to Oxford To be accepted to Oxford, you need to understand the area that you decide to learn about. It is essential to begin the process early. You’ll have to acquire a solid understanding of the subject and further enhance your academic knowledge by reading outside practical experience.


Also, you must develop an array of personal skills, such as dedication and sharp thinking. The more effective your application submissions are, the better proficient you will be in your field.


Oxford University Majors

The University of Oxford is an institution of higher learning known throughout the globe due to its exceptional students, faculty, courses, and faculty. Here are the top subjects at the Oxford University:


  1. Theology and philosophy

The University of Oxford has an amazing philosophy major. The course will show you how to critically analyze and discuss the concept of religion. Oxford’s philosophy department is among the biggest in the world.


The University of Oxford is well-known worldwide for its modern-day languages program. Majoring in contemporary languages will allow students to write and communicate in a different European language and learn about various literature.


  1. Geography

Geography majors can open doors to many possibilities. A degree in Geography can provide you with an important understanding of climate change, economics, global inequality, and even culture.


  1. English literature and language

The University of Oxford is known for its outstanding research on English Language and Literature. Oxford is the ideal place to go if you wish to pursue a degree in English literature and language. It is home to one of the most varied programs in the nation and allows you to study almost any writing.


  1. Human Sciences

At the University of Oxford, you can study all aspects of human existence. Oxford isn’t only great for humanities and arts disciplines and offers an impressive human science major. It lets you explore the cultural, social biochemical aspects of our existence that is a great alternative to traditional classes.


  1. History

The history department in Oxford. The University of Oxford allows you to be as specific or wide as possible. Although Oxford offers a general overview of its history, it provides more in-depth themes focused on smaller fields, shorter periods, and more specific topics.


  1. Fine Arts

Fine Arts offers students who are creating the chance to pursue their studies at an acclaimed university. Creative students don’t have to miss the wonders of Oxford. The Fine Arts degree would allow artists to discover their talents, use their imagination, and explore their creativity and desires.

How hard is it to get into Oxford

The odds of getting an invitation by Oxford as well as Cambridge (before the time you’ve made your college preference, taken the admission test, and received an invitation to an interview) is about 17%, based upon about 46,000 students competing for 8,000 seats at the two schools (for 2021 admission, Cambridge offered admission to 4,245 of their 22,788 applicants. In contrast, Oxford provided access to 3,932 of their 23414 students).


We advise you to take a thorough look at all your choices, be a hard worker in all the areas you can, and put your confidence in your abilities. Set achievable, realistic targets for yourself, and then make it a practice to be active outside of school studying you’re of interest.



If you plan to study within the UK, Oxford University should be the first option. In the end, before applying to this elite school, it is important to know what the University of Oxford’s acceptance rate will assist you in determining the likelihood of being accepted.


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