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Best Scholarships into Harvard


Getting an admission to study or research at Harvard would likely not come easy, and the tuition fees are quite high. This should not deter you, really. There are several scholarships available for students to study in this prestigious university, and you can win them with an outstanding application and promising research potential. The school and many organizations connected to it are quite invested in bringing the best training and skill development to international students, especially in the medical field. Some of the finest Scholarships for American International students into Harvard are:

Academic Scholars Award

This is a scholarship for Ph.D and post-doctorate students, and is given as a grant worth $67,000 for a 2-year study duration. It is provided by the Academic Scholars, which is a community of select individuals with the curiosity, resourcefulness, originality, and initiative, to commence and sustain exceptional careers in major universities or international institutions. A distinguished group of senior Harvard University faculty members, known as the Senior Scholars, act as mentors to the Academy Scholars to help them achieve their intellectual potential.

The grant is awarded by Harvard University, and the awardees are appointed for an in-residence, postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard Academy for International and Area studies at Harvard University. It provides substantial financial and research assistance for undertaking sustained projects of research and/or acquire accessory training in the chosen field of study of awardees. The Selection Committee awards about 4 to 5 applicants each year to qualified candidates.

Eligibility: International students regardless of nationality, gender or race who have recent PhD or an equivalent professional school degree and doctorate students in the social sciences or law.

Deadline: October 1, 2022.


Scholarships for Harvard Medical College

There are a number of very good scholarships into the Harvard Medical College and they are controlled by the Harvard Medical School Financial Aid Office. These opportunities help students pay their fees at the Harvard Medical School, either by subsidy or full grants. You can greatly minimize the debt of your student loans and greatly reduce the contributions from your parents and other sources by getting this scholarship.


(The Financial Aid Office also has a small library with resource directories that aid students in sourcing for external sources of aid for their studies at Harvard Medical School.)

Some of the Scholarships into the Harvard Medical College are:

To found out the research grants at Harvard university cambridge


Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship

The Joseph Collins Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships for medical students of Harvard Medical School who have dire financial needs and are aim to specialize in Neurology, psychiatry, or general practice. The Joseph Collins Foundation is an organization that focuses on providing scholarships to students in the medical field who have dire financial needs, and they partner with the Harvard Medical school to provide scholarships for students of the school.

Candidates are to be nominated by the Harvard Medical School Financial Aid Office. In addition to excellent academic abilities and the financial need, applicants also have to demonstrate an accomplishment in cultural pursuits either in arts, music, theatre, writing et cetera.

The Joseph Collins Foundation gives preference to students who plan to obtain a medical degree over four years without interruption, hence second-year students are more likely to get this scholarship. Each year, in January, the Harvard Medical School Financial Aid Office solicits for nominees from the student body – that is the first step in getting this scholarship.

National Medical Fellowships (NMF)

The National Medical Fellowships, Inc. (NMF) is a non-profit organization in the United States that provides scholarships and support for students in medicine and the health professions from underrepresented minority.

It was founded in 1946, and since then, the NMF has provided over $40 million to upward of 30,000 minority community members. NMF is supported by a national network of alumni. This year, they are providing scholarships for students into the Harvard Medical school, as they have done always. Why don’t you apply? Your community needs the skills you can develop from this scholarship.

First and second-year students of minority groups at Harvard Medical School qualify for this scholarship, as it is targeted at African American, American Indian, Mexican American, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiian, and Mainland Puerto Rican students. Further information can be found at https://nmfonline.org

F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP)

The military is currently experiencing a shortage in medical personnel, hence the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program is set to medical students who would be given a scholarship to train and employ their skills in that regard.


The grants are offered through the Navy, Air Force, and Army. Medical students at the Harvard Medical School are eligible for this scholarship too. The scholarship would provide tuition and other required fees, as well as a monthly stipend for living expenses. (NB: The stipend is subject to tax by the state or federal government and must be reported on the tax returns of the benefactors.) Every year, each benefactor would be required to spend forty-five days on Active Duty for Training (ADT), during which they would earn full pay and allowances. Depending on the area of specialization, they are also under a minimum service obligation of two or three years. For each year the student receives the scholarship, one year of obligatory service is required. Students who become benefactors of this scholarship need to be aware that is aimed at training medical military personnel.


To begin their application, candidates must apply for residency programs in the military facilities after which they would be selected for military or civilian programs based on the needs of the military departments. To be eligible, students must be U.S citizens and must be enrolled in, or who had just received a letter of acceptance from a medical school. Of course, that medical school must be Harvard if you intend to go Harvard Medical school for this scholarship.

The applicant must complete the application process through the military branch that is of interest to them. They must then also meet the eligibility terms for appointment in the US Armed Forces. The Scholarship Program covers most of the required costs for the student’s study years.

The benefactors should live within the means provided in the scholarship, so do not need to apply for another grant or scholarship. Any student who feels the need to apply due to the provided funds being insufficient for the financial needs would need to apply for student loans. The funds for this purpose are generally from the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program.