Best 7up harvard business school case studies for Nigerians

7UP Harvard business school case studies scholarship were established in the name of 7UP plc, the 7UP Bottling Company plc of Nigeria, to contribute to the development of human resources in business management. The scholarship was created to mark the 50th anniversary of—the company’s establishment in Nigeria. The company aims to offer the best possible life to Nigeria, and this scholarship is an expression of its dedication.

harvard business school case studies

The award is given to MBA applicants who can secure admission to Harvard Business School, a prestigious Harvard business school.

Benefits of harvard business school case studies

  • Feeding for two years
  • A ticket for a flight into America. The United States of America started the award.
  • Return ticket to the United States.
  • The cost of accommodation is for two years.

The company is responsible for your care throughout the program since they decide on all charges that are related to living costs.


The opportunity given to Nigerians to go to Harvard business school every year by 7up Bottling Company is admirable.

7Up Harvard Business School Undergraduate Scholarship

The bottling firm 7up grants an award to one Nigerian student each year to take a course at Harvard, the business school.

of scholarships available

One job is available throughout the year.

Past Winners

Some individuals have had the privilege of being awarded the prize, and they include:

  1. kingsley enyioma- HBS winner for the year 2018.
  2. james thomson- HBS winner 2017
  3. freeman ejime 2022
Who Is Eligibility

The scholarship is available to Nigerians who have successfully gained admission to a two-year MBA course at the Harvard Business School The program is available only to Nigerians who reside in the country.

How The Selection Process Goes
  • After a candidate has been granted admission to Harvard business school, he will be required to provide the admission letter to 7UP bottling business plc.
  • Candidates who send their admission letters for consideration by the organization will be contacted for multiple rounds of in-depth interviews with company executives. The process aims to evaluate their compatibility with the company concept for the scholarship.
  • Seven-Up Company only evaluates applicants after being granted admission to the Harvard business school. The student is accountable for submitting their application to the Harvard Business School and getting access.

How To Apply 

  • The first thing to do is submit an application to Harvard business school and then secure it.
  • Get a letter of acceptance to the full-time MBA program at the university.
  • With your admission letter secured, email the electronic copies of your admission letter
  • The company will contact you. Company



It is recommended that applicants apply early for admission to Harvard business school since the latter rounds are more competitive. This does not increase the chance of getting access.

You can learn more about the 7up scholarship on this page.

Some Advantage Of Submitting An Application Early To Harvard

  • International applicants are required to submit English proficiency tests. If you pass, you can take the opportunity to practice and master it.
  • If you have to complete a particular course before enrolling, You can take advantage of the opportunity to meet it.
  • There are fellowships that you can follow after being accepted to a university. You can make use of the time before enrolment to finish these.
  • You may begin applying for financial aid once your time is spare.
  • Being admitted early makes it easier to secure an apartment as they are allocated based on a lottery. The deadline for applying for accommodation falls before the third application round.



7UP Harvard Business Scholarship 7UP Harvard business scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for MBA pupils who gained admission to Harvard Business School to continue their education. The Nigerian seven-up bottling company plc provides this kind of offer to each Nigerian student every year. The scholarship will cover fees for tuition and living expenses and accommodation and travel expenses. Only applicants who have gained admission to Harvard business school are eligible to apply.


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