Best flanders expo master mind scholarships 2023

The flanders expo and  Ministry of Education awards scholarships to master’s degree programs located in Flanders or Brussels to exceptional students from all over the globe. The program aims to help increase awareness of Flanders expo  along with Brussels as a top study destination.


Host Institution(s):


KU Leuven / University of Leuven

University of Antwerp

Ghent University

Hasselt University

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

 Colleges of the University (Arts as well as Nautical Science)

Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp

Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts

URGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts

KdGS University of Applied Sciences and Arts

LUCA School of Arts

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Study level/field of study:

Master Degree Programmes that are eligibly

 available at participating Flemish institutions apart from preparatory courses and bridging programmes. Distance learning.

Number of Awards:

the number of scholarships available to students is 30

Target group:

Students from all nations are eligible for international study. Many scholarships are reserved for students of specific nations: Japan (3), Mexico (3), Palestine (2), USA (5).

Value of scholarship/duration:

The Master Mind Scholarship includes a cash award of €8,400 and an exemption from tuition fees for the academic year. Master Mind Scholarship recipients pay only an administrative fee for enrolment. The Flemish Host Institution can ask applicants to pay an annual tuition fee of up to EUR115.80 per year for 2022/23.

The moving length is one calendar year to complete a Master’s program comprising 60 ECTS and two academic years for a master’s program of 120 ECTS.

flanders expo Eligibility:

The applicant is applying for a Master’s degree in a higher education institution in Flanders (hereafter “Flemish host institution

* The candidate must meet an excellent academic performance or potential. The student is graded with a Percentage that is 3.5 to 4.0.

* The student can demonstrate an excellent understanding of the English language (please go to this official site for specific prerequisites)

* The student must get accepted by their host institution to be eligible for the award. Even the Host institution’s decision to accept the applicant is made after the mastermind scholarship program selection. The criteria apply.

* A Flemish Higher Education institution chooses the applicant. Suppose the candidate is selected through multiple Flemish institutions of higher learning. In that case, the applicant has to select only one Flemish university before submitting his/her application through The Mobility Online tool.


* All nationalities are eligible to apply. The first degree you have obtained must be from a higher-education institution located outside Flanders.

Students currently enrolled at a Flemish college or university

 are not eligible to apply.

Find the complete eligibility criteria on this official site (link below).

Applications are now inactive.

Students aren’t able to apply directly. You must make an application through the institution hosting you. The host institution selects qualified applicants; the application has to be made on the web through an institution that is the Flemish Host Institution. The deadline for application will be 29 JUNE 2022 GMT +1. Check the deadlines for internal applications set by the Flemish Host Institution, which is different and runs from 1 February to 29 october in 2023.

It is essential to read the instructions carefully on applying and visit the official site (link provided below) for more detailed information about applying for this award.


Official Scholarship Website:

Disclaimer: This is NOT the official page for scholarships. It’s a brief description of the scholarships. Although we strive to keep this information current and accurate, the information could change at any moment without notice. You should always go to the organisation’s website that grants scholarships for up-to-date and complete information. Any trust you place in information obtained from is entire to be made at your risk. Please read our Conditions of Use for more details.


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