Best Miller Center Fellowships Program in U.S.A. 2022

Best Miller Center Fellowships Program in U.S.A. 2022

Best Miller Center Fellowships Program in U.S.A. 2022

Are you interested in seeking a Ph.D. fellowship? This information is for you. So hurry now to apply for International Ph.D. Students Miller Center Fellowships Program in U.S.A. 2022. All applications for this program have to be made before the deadline. So make sure to apply now.




The miller center foundation has provided a wealth of information for the winners. Be patient and read through this article. The World Scholarship Forum has arranged all the information required to be eligible for an International Ph.D. Fellowships Program in the U.S.A.


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Table of Contents
  1. About Miller Center Fellowships Program
  2. All You Need To Know About International Ph.D. Students Miller Center Fellowships Program
    1. Level / Field of Study
    2. Host Nationality
    3. Eligible Nationality
    4. Scholarship Worth
    5. Eligibility For Miller Center Fellowships Program
    6. How To Apply For Miller Center Fellowships Program 2022
    7. Deadline For Miller Center Foundation
    8. Scholarship Link

About Miller Center Fellowships Program

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation is pleased to announce that the National Fellowship Program, a long-running initiative that is part of the Miller Center at USA, will fall under the direction of the Foundation in 2022’s academic year. National Fellowships are awarded to outstanding students at the top institutions nationwide, finishing dissertations on American history and politics, public policy, and foreign affairs.

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The Foundation is looking forward to welcoming National Fellows to its community. National Fellows into its community of Jefferson Scholars and Fellows and plans to capitalize on the interdisciplinarity energy of its existing programs to offer opportunities for National Fellows to engage with other top scholars from the University of Virginia. The University of Virginia.


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All You Need To Know About Foreign Ph.D. Students Miller Center Fellowships Program

Level / Field of Study

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation is for Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree and invites applications from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to politics, history, and policy studies, including law, political economy communications, and media and sociology. Candidates will be judged based on the quality of their research and the potential for them to shed new information on current developments in American foreign policy, politics, and America as well as the World.


Host Nationality

Miller Center Fellowships Program Miller Center Fellowships Program is located in the United States.


There are additional U.S. scholarships that are available to international students for 2022.


These scholarships are great opportunities to resolve most of your academic issues. Find other scholarships you could apply for by 2022 for study within Europe, Africa, Asia, America, etc.


Eligible Nationality

The Ph.D. Students Miller Center Fellowships Program in the U.S.A. is accessible for International Students.


Apart from this program, the Miller Center Fellowships Program 2022, other scholarships are available to students abroad to pursue studies abroad. Check out our scholarships for each country for a list of the scholarships we have that are available.


Scholarship Worth

The award has a value of $20,000.


Eligibility For Miller Center Fellowships Program

To be eligible to apply for Miller C Fellowships Program for International Ph.D. Students,

A candidate must be an active Ph.D. candidate planning to finish their dissertation by the end of the Fellowship year. It is not a postdoctoral fellowship. Non-U.S. citizens are qualified to apply.


Every Fellow must participate in two conferences: at least one during the autumn and one in spring. These conferences are a venue to present findings and research for the academic community of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation and the University of Virginia. In the spring, it gives explicitly participants the chance to hear feedback from attending mentors. Costs for both conferences are funded through The Jefferson Scholars Foundation.


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A stay with the Jefferson Scholars Foundation is strongly recommended but is not necessary for all Fellows; however, this is the case except for those awarded the H.L.D. Jefferson Scholars/J.L.H. Jefferson Scholarship (which requires residence in Hagley Library during the academic year) Hagley Library during the academic year) as well as the Charles W. McCurdy Fellowship(which requires residency in the U.Va. School of Law). Except for the Hagley Library/Jefferson Scholars Fellow and the McCurdy Fellow and Fellows who opt to live living in residence will receive an additional stipend amounting to $1,500 in place of the expenses related to Fellows’ traveling and lodging during the annual fall and spring conference.


All Fellows, regardless of residency, are expected to be part of and contribute to the inter-disciplinary society of Jefferson Scholars Foundation.


How To Apply For Miller Center Fellowships Program 2022

The application comprises the following documents and must be in line with the specified page or word limits:


  • The following form begins the application process and informs us of your application intentions. After you have verified your email address, you’ll be able to sign in and finish the application by adding your contact information, any required documents, and contact details for two recommendations. The deadline for applying is February 1, 2022(Thursday).
  • Check the documents you need (click to display) Curriculum Vitae (2 pages)Project outline (1,200 words)Op-ed or blog article (750 words)Bibliography (3 pages)Writing samples (40 pages maximum). Note The file you upload should be in Word and PDF formats and more petite than 5MB.
  • If you have any questions regarding the application, please email.


Deadline For Miller Center Foundation

Applications for the academic year open on December 15 each year. All application materials must be received before February 1, 2022. No application will be reviewed until all documents are received, including the letters of recommendation.


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It is essential to understand the application process and then visit the official application website (the link below) for more detailed information about applying for this scholarship.


The application forms and guidelines are available to be downloaded via the official site.

Scholarship Link

for more information on the Miller Center Fellowships Program

Eligibility for our scholarship book

Download the Award-Winning Scholarship Ebook to download for free right now. Please indicate you’re interested in the comments area, and then the Ebook will be delivered to you. This offer is only available to the first 50 participants.