Best Available scholarships in canada for International Students without IELTS 2023

Available Scholarships in Canada for International Students without IELTS, Canada is a fantastic country with superb educational institutions. Many people aspire to study in Canada to acquire admission and boost their career chances.

Available scholarships in canada for International Students without IELTS

The goal of studying in Canada is to get world-class experience from leading Canadian
colleges, which provide several scholarships.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assists you in studying, working, or
immigrating to a country where English is the primary language.
This covers Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Your abilities to listen, read, write, and communicate in English during the test will be evaluated.

Can an international student study in Canada without IELTS?

The answer is unequivocal yes. Canada does not provide study visas per se, but rather study
permits that come with a temporary resident visa.
Some colleges allow students to study in Canada without taking the IELTS exam. Canada is
becoming a more popular destination for overseas students.
With over 2,000 study programs, there are several academic subjects and majors accessible. In
Canada, there are several excellent options for overseas students.


Let discuss some of the top Canadian Scholarships that do not require
international students to have done the IELTS.

York University Grant

The York University Grant is an undergraduate scholarship available to international students.

This scholarship gives $35,000 to awardees annually to fund their undergraduate studies in
Canada. The total value of this scholarship is $140,000.
You must meet the following criteria to be eligible:
● You must be studying at York on a valid Study Permit and paying international fees
● You must be in good academic standing.
● Unexpected financial difficulties arise as a result of unanticipated situations.
● They must have completed their first year of studies.
● You must be enrolled and pursuing an undergraduate degree.
● At the time of application, you must be enrolled in courses.

Available scholarships in canada for Algoma University Scholarships

On the first day of courses, international students eligible for the university scholarships must
hold a temporary residence visa as a member of the student class under the Immigration and
Refugee Protection Act of Canada.
The Entrance Scholarship is available to all students who are obliged to pay the international
difference fee, including college diploma graduates, university transfers, college transfer
students, and second-degree students.
International scholarships shall not be postponed under any circumstances.
Students must accept the admission and scholarship terms and conditions for the year in which
the offer was issued.

Carleton University Scholarships

Carleton University offers one of Canada most significant scholarship and bursary programs.
Over 15,700 scholarships and bursaries totaling more than $31.9 million were granted to
undergraduate students last year.
New students admitted to Carleton for the fall semester with an entrance average of 80% or
above will be automatically eligible for a renewable Entrance Scholarship at the time of


If you are joining Carleton for the first time from high school or CÉGEP and have no previous
enrollment at post-secondary educational institutions, you may be given a renewable Entrance

Available scholarships in canada for University of Victoria Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are offered at the University of Victoria for both undergraduate and
postgraduate coursework programs.
The following are some of the requirements for University of Victoria scholarships:
● Incoming or continuing students at the University of Victoria pursuing a UG/PG degree
● International students must have Canadian study permission to attend the university.
● The vast majority of undergraduate scholarships are provided based on entrance
● Eligible UG and PG students must have excelled academically in their prior
Every year, the number of studentships available varies between 2,250 and 7,500. These
scholarships grant more than CAD 8 million each year.

Available scholarships in canada for Edwards Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship awards $24,000 to 8 students annually. They receive $6,000 over 4 years as
long as academic excellence is maintained along with other criteria.
● Open to students pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree program at the University of
Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business.
To be eligible for scholarship renewal, students must enroll in and finish at least 24 credit units,
as well as maintain an academic average of 80% on all courses tried during the preceding
regular session.

If a student fails to qualify for renewal of his or her award in any given academic year, another
student in the same program year will be chosen to receive the award and may qualify for
renewal until his or her fourth program year.

Available scholarships in canada for Laval University Scholarships
Scholarships are not just awarded for academic achievement.
Admission, mobility, leadership, excellence, financial status, and other factors can all be used to
determine eligibility.
The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office (BBAF) offers nearly 3,000 scholarships yearly to
full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Available scholarships in canada for Citizens of the World Mobility Scholarship

The Citizens of the World Mobility scholarship, offered by Fondation Famille-Choquette, is
intended for permanent residents and Canadian citizens who plan to spend at least 8 months
studying outside the United States or Canada.
They must be doing it as part of their Ph.D. at Université Laval beginning in the summer of
2022, the fall of 2022, or the winter of 2023.
The value of the scholarship is $10,000.

Available scholarships in canada for University of Calgary International Scholarship

The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is a prestigious award that
recognizes international students outstanding achievements as they begin their undergraduate
studies at the University.

Qualifications for the Scholarship include academic proficiency as well as extracurricular
The $15,000 scholarship is renewable each year in the second, third, and fourth years of study
at the University of Calgary, as long as awardees maintain a 2.60 GPA over a minimum of 24

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International students who wish to apply for this scholarship may select any topic from the
Bachelordegree program at the University of Calgary.

University of Winnipeg President Scholarship for world leaders

The President Scholarship for World Leaders at the University of Winnipeg is given to
international students who are enrolling for the first time in any of the university divisions.
This scholarship is intended for students who want to study for a Bachelor or Master degree
at Winnipeg University. Applicants must take part in activities that show leadership.
The President Scholarship for World Leaders ranges in value from $3,000 to $5,000.

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