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Scholarship UK government was Founded in 1920; they were replaced after the 1962 awards by student grants. In the 1950s, they targeted over three highest levels.


Scholarship UK government

Scholarship UK government Candidates above this level were seen by their schools as likely to be competitive in the
Scholarship examinations for university entrance to Oxford and Cambridge.
His historic award in the UK’s primary scholarship scheme focused on supporting British international development goals.

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The UK Scholarship Is a financial scholarship award for British university entrants.
Although the award was based on exam performance, Most university entrants were funded by grants from their local education authority.
State Scholarships from the Central Government were greatly sought for their prestige value.

The commonwealth scholarship uk government 

was created in 1959 at the first Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) held in Oxford Since then, more than 25,000 individuals have held awards hosted by over twenty countries.
The notable past commonwealth scholars and fellows were; Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St.
Lucia, George Brandis Qc 36th attorney general of Australia, Ross Cranston, Member of Parliament for
Dudley North, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Bill English, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Babalola borishade, Former Minister of Education, Aviation Nigeria and more

The Chevening scholarship

The Chevening Scholarships Programme started in 1983 as one of the foreign and commonwealth office Awards Scheme (FCOAS). It was funded by the commonwealth office and its partner organizations. The Chevening scholarship was one of the top scholarships for master's degree courses. The Chevening scholarship was one of the participating countries that the British foreign commonwealth office funds; some notable alumni.

Abdul Hamid Bin bad or(Inspector-General of Police, the Royal Malaysian Police)
Abdul Hamid was born on 7 August 1958 and graduated from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) with a degree in policing science in 2001.
He also attended the University of Birmingham on a Chevening scholarship and was later a former Malaysian police officer who served as the 12th inspector General of Police (IGP) from May 2019 to May 2021.

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A.T.M Zahirul (Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in Liberia)
A.T.M zahirul was born in 1952 in noakhali, Bangladesh.
He is married and has two children. as a Chevening scholar, Alam obtained his master's degree in War Studies from king college in 1993 and studied at the Royal College of Defence Studies in the UK, later becoming a retired lieutenant general of the Bangladesh army and serving as a Force Commander of the United Nation Mission in Liberia(UNMIL)

Ahmad Fuadi(writer, novelist, and social entrepreneur)
Ahmad Fuadi was born on 30 December 1973, and one of  life-changing experiences was his experience during his study.
During his last semester in padjajaran,

he got a scholarship from the National University of Singapore and spent a semester there, as an Indonesian writer, novelist, and social entrepreneur.
His debut novel Negeri 5 Menara broke the publisher's sales record with Gramedia Pustaka Utama for the last 37 years. There are a lot of alumni who received this scholarship from the very first beginning of the commonwealth offices.

The Rhode scholarship UK government
The Rhode scholarship was established in 1902. It is the prehistoric graduate scholarship in the world. Cecil John Rhodes founded it, irrespective of their chosen career paths; he wanted to promote the unity between English-vocalised nations and instill a sense of civic-minded leadership and moral fortitude in future leaders; the United States, initially restricted male applicants from countries that were today within
the commonwealth; Germany and the united state.

The Scholarship UK government were founded for two reasons: to promote unity among the British people and to strengthen conciliatory ties between Britain and the United States of America; Rhode died’ after his death. In 1925, the commonwealth fund fellowship, later renamed the Harkness fellowship, was established to reciprocate the Rhodes Scholarships by enabling British graduates to study in the United States. Rhode has various courses and is now open to applicants who acquire and register for the scholarship.

The Gate Cambridge scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship was founded by the Bill and Melinda gate foundation in 2000 with a $210 million donation to support excellent graduate students' study at the University of Cambridge. It is one of the most competitive scholarships in the world, with a percentage of 1.3% of applicants receiving an award in recent years.

They aimed to build a vast network of future leaders to improve the lives of others; scholars and alumni are already becoming leaders in their fields and coming up with solutions to solve the world's most problems. A catholic worldview was to become the first Institute of Advanced Studies in Europe inspired by and to create a home for critical catholic inquiry in the heart of The University of Cambridge, one of the world's best universities.

There are some notable scholars; Kayla Barron 2010 (us naval academy)NASA ASTRONAUT, Eric
Cervini 2015 (Harvard University)HISTORIAN, Charles B. Chang 2005 (Boston University) LINGUIST and more notable people.


The Center for Educational Research and Development was interested in spreading access to education nationally and internationally; One implementation for doing this is to provide scholarships.

There is more history of Scholarship UK government  which has brought a change to the world.
They regularly welcome Visiting Scholars to spend time in Cambridge to fulfill their research and
collaborate with our team, they also receive, i.e. they receive Graduate Students from

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