Best Salary for a Structural Engineer 2022

Salary for a Structural Engineer It’s not enough to know the amount structural engineers earn without even having the slightest notion of who this person is and what he is doing, and most likely, how to be one yourself. A structural engineer designs and constructs structures that withstand the stress and pressures created by the human body and the natural environment. From the initial design phase to the choice of building materials, all the way to the inspection of work being constructed and, finally verifying, you’ll have a structural engineer engaged.



 Salary for a Structural Engineer 

This article will discuss the salary of structural engineers and elements that may affect the salary either positively or negatively.

What is a structural engineer? Do?

A structural engineer is tasked with making solid and safe structures for the elements they’re exposed to and enhancing the structural strength in existing systems.

Below are the other duties of a structural engineer.

  • Makes documents, like reports, designs, and sketches
  • Calculates the pressure
  • Take into consideration the durability of construction materials before making a decision
  • Provides technical guidance on how to design and build secure structures.
  • Approved by the planning department as well as the department of building
  • Examine the structure’s configurations structure’s fundamental elements
  • Consults with experts like engineers and architects.
  • Assists in ensuring structural integrity, monitors and examines the work performed by contractors
  • Manages projects and contracts as contract administrator
  • Analyzes homes to determine their present condition and their foundations
  • Computer-aided design techniques are used for simulation purposes

How Much Does a Structural Engineer Earn?

The pay of structural engineers in the US is $71,518 up to $108,081, and the average is $87,2111. This is based on a variety of pay aggregate sites.

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The following is the base pay for structural engineers in June 2022:


$71,518 $86,374 $82,980 $87,103 $108,081

What factors affect the salary of a structural engineer?

The income of structural engineers will be determined by various variables, such as educational background, experience, and location. We’ll explore the impact of these factors on your earnings in this piece.


Years of Practical Experience

The salary increase is usually tied to your degree of knowledge. The longer you’re working in structural engineering, the higher your earnings will be.

As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey, your work experience can affect your pay.

Experience levelSalary

Entry-level (less than one year) $57,423

Beginning of professional career (1 up to four years) $68,375

Middle-career (5 until 9) $85,294

Experiential (10 to 19 years old) $105,185

Late career (20plus years) $132,325

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Your place can also affect how much you earn as a structural engineer. Living in an urban area is typically associated with higher wages and more expensive living costs.

Based on the BLS According to the BLS, here are essential cities as well as their typical salaries for structural engineers.

CityAverage Salary

New Orleans, LA $115,054

San Francisco, CA $109,526

Los Angeles, CA $102,371

New York City, NY $98,725

Dallas, TX $95,262

Atlanta, GA $75,935

Cincinnati, OH $74,811

Detroit, MI $74,610

Milwaukee, WI $74,318

Salt Lake City, UT $70,836

Strategies to increase the Salary of a Structural Engineer

Now that you’ve got a good idea of the amount structural engineers earn, Here are some successful methods to make a raise.



Develop your skills

Developing and refining your skills could help you compete for promotions and more lucrative jobs. Such skills include:

  • Create 3D and 2D designs using the AutoCAD Computer-aided design program.
  • Revit: This BIM software can be used to construct structural models and construction papers.
  • Structural Analysis: Examine the structure’s lads and determine its strengths using engineering principles.
  • Reject management fundamentals, including budgeting, safety, and scheduling, are crucial.
  • Building Regulations: Get familiar with local, state, and national building codes
Recognize the Value you have

It’s crucial to understand the value you bring to negotiations. Find out what other structural engineers in your region are working on and bring this information to the negotiation table. Prepare yourself to argue your reasons for a better salary and negotiate.

Return to School

If you have to, you must go back to school to earn an advanced degree because this can increase your salary. Although it might not be practical in all cases, it is feasible. A master’s or Ph.D. could lead to an increase in pay.

If you’re considering returning to school, you should research the potential return on investment. Also, ensure that it’s something you’re passionate about before taking the plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions on Structural Engineer Salary

The pay of structural engineers in the US can range from $71,518 to $108,081, and the average being $87,2111.

What exactly does an engineer with a structural background do?

The structural engineer’s job is responsible for developing and designing safe and robust structures to stand up to the elements to which they are subjected and improving the structural strength of existing systems.

Which strategies should I employ to increase my income?

Strategies you can use include: knowing your Value returning to school and enhancing your abilities.

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 What are the main factors that influence the salary of a structural engineer?

The factors that impact your earnings as a structural engineer are the amount of experience you have and your location.


The above is all you need to learn about structural engineers’ salaries. I hope you use the above strategies to ensure you receive the raise you deserve when you are due.