International Monetary Fund global Program 2022

International Monetary Fund global Program 2022

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Internship Program: Fund Internship Program (FIP) offers the chance for Doctoral Students to have an insider’s view of the integrated focus on member countries, mission, and activities that is the IMF.

Application Deadline:21st July 2022

Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at (Country): Work is carried out by the IMF Headquarters located in Washington D.C.


What is the award?

 Experts will supervise interns in macroeconomics or related areas (the only exception is an internship at the International Monetary Fund’s Legal Department), directed by an IMF colleague. Fund interns are under the supervision of skilled colleagues to conduct an investigation and write a research paper. Research papers can be given to the IMF staff after the program, and the highest quality documents could be submitted to the IMF.



The research topics are drawn by the IMF work program, which is the demands of the host department. Previous projects have explored a broad range of economic concerns. Some of the research topics in 2016, as well as 2017 FIP research topics, covered:

  • Credit access with preference Evidence from Brazil
  • Credit Demand and Supply during U.S. Recovery
  • Climate change contributes to the analytic chapter in the WEO’s October 2017 issue.
  • The impact of shocks to the price of commodities on the stability of financial markets in emerging countries.
  • Investigate the non-linear effect of price shocks in the oil market upon development (Kazakhstan).
  • Effects of spillover from ECB unconventional policy of monetary.
  • Impact of foreign direct investments and portfolio investments on gender inequalities within the developing world
  • Systemic risk-adjusting factors for stress testing built on inferred networks
  • Survey literature on the public sector BSA
  • Spillovers: measuring third-party impact
  • Technology and income Polarization
  • The carbon tax, the structural change, and inequality
  • Wealth and consumption in Italy
  • Debt sustainability, ability to repay, and other risk assessment
  • Volatility and productivity in Europe and the Euro Area
  • The cost of financing in sub-Saharan Africa – overshooting or the fundamentals?
  • Trade Integration in Latin America
  • Macroeconomic and structural policies as well as gender inequalities
  • Bond trading: Big data analytics
  • Evaluation of post-implementation impacts on The G20 Financial regulatory reforms
  • Policy frameworks that are benchmarked in low-income countries

The IMF’s Legal Department is also offering an internship’

 in this program. The selected applicant can be directed to research assignments for The Legal Department and be supervised by an experienced departmental member. In the past, the Legal Department’s FIP was given a chance to complete:


  • Analyzing the legal framework that governs capital controls in the European Economic Area
  • Research on the possibility of insolvency for non-bank financial institutions
  • Study on the legal mandate that is the IMF in the field of financial regulation
  • Comparative cross-country studies of the efficiency of AML/CFT efforts

Type: Internship

Qualifications: To become eligible to apply for FIP, applicants need to satisfy the following requirements:

Ph.D. students

  • Within one to two years of completing a Ph.D. in macroeconomics or an equivalent field, you must be enrolled in a student program (i.e., need to return to school after completing the work). After completing their Ph.D., most internships are sought out by students looking to join the IMF’s Economist Program after completing their Ph.D.
  • You must be younger than 32 before the start of the internship.
  • Do you have an excellent command of English, both oral and written?
  • Strong analytical abilities, including quantitative and computer capabilities.
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Masters degree student

  • Students must be in the student status at the time of beginning internship (not but graduated).
  • You must be under 28 when you start the course of your training.
  • You should be able to master English, Written and oral.
  • Strong computer, analytical and quantitative abilities


The number of awards: Internships are offered to around 50 students per year.

Valuation of Awards: IMF interns receive:

  • A competitive salary;
  • Economy class round-trip air transport up to Washington, D.C., from their institution of higher learning and
  • Coverage for medical insurance is limited.

Duration of Program: between June and October 2018. Internships last for a minimum of 10 weeks and up to 12 weeks in duration.

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How to Apply:
  • If you’re a Ph.D. or Master’s level student in macroeconomics, click this link to join the IMF’s system for job applications and enter 1701251 in the field that is titled “Job Number.”
  • For the Legal Department Internship: applicants must be between one and two years of receiving the LLM, J.D, or equivalent advanced law degree and be under 32. If you are interested in applying for this position, click here to access the IMF’s job application system. Then, enter 1701249 in the field that is called “Job Number.”


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