Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

This list contains the best electronics online stores to buy home appliances, gadgets or different consumer electronics in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Imo and other parts of Nigeria.

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022



If you are looking for a dependable stockpile to shop for electronics in Kaduna port harcourt, Anambra or other states in county, then this is an article that halt the best online provisions to buy electronics and gadgets in the country


Websites to buy device brands it easier for a distinct individual living in Nigeria to be able to buy dissimilar electronics like TV, Home Theater  and a lot more without leaving their home. This will definitely save you the stress and help you get that electronics device  of your choice


As we all know allot of people order different kinds of product online here in Nigeria, and the same thing goes for electronics as well. If you’re appraisal this article on NaijaKnowHow, you will definitely know about the best Online Provisions To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.


When you are placing order for electronics online, you’re assured you’ll get a elongated retro of warranty, sometimes you are giving a discounted bonuses on orders you place and the most significant thing is that. These devices will be delivered to your house, I will display you a couple of websites where you can order these devices online in Nigeria.

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List of the Best Online Shopping Sites to Buy Electronics in Nigeria

These websites are moderately mutual in Nigeria and while some approximately aren’t known to the public, all of them give the same value of services and you can get any device you want from any of these websites at an reasonable price.

  1. Jumia —

Best stores electronics  gadgets in Nigeria 2022


If Someone wants to buy a electronics device online in Nigeria, before you think of going to any nearby store to buy your electronics device, just make up your mind and visits Jumia and get the electronics device you want. On Jumia you can get any kind of electronics you want to buy, they have different varieties of electronics from Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Clippers and a lot more, they also give free deliveries when you buy products in bulk.


Jumia offers a quality service to their customers making it easier for them to choose a product they like on their website and also give them a discounted rate on purchasing the product, one thing about Jumia is that they have different prices for different electronics. Jumia is one of the very best online stores in Nigeria with a quality service delivery nation wild,


  1. Konga —

Best stores electronics  gadgets in Nigeria 2022



Konga is another online dealer in different kind of electronics its services is spread across the country with dynamic service delivery, Konga has a website where you can order for your desired electronics product and they have different types of electronics that you can buy from them. You can buy product like freezer washing machine television set on Konga and they all have these electronics products at a very good affordable rate compared to other local shops.


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Konga is one of the best online shopping websites in Nigeria with a quality service delivery you can always trust them with your order, they have a very good structure that guarantees and deliver your order to your desire destination with a good discounted rate on each of their products,

  1. JiJi —

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022


Jiji is one of the leading widespread websites in Nigeria, it is a website where different kind of products are being displayed for sales and purchase through adverts.


Different kinds of electronics devices both old and new products is always available for sale at JiJi website, customers visit the website and make purchase of any kind of product they want with a discounted offer giving to them by the seller


You can order for any electronics products or any other products you like on JiJi. you will definitely have to contact the seller and negotiate the fee for the particular products, the owner of the products will deliver the electronics to your desired destination and you will pay on delivery, Jiji is more committed in sourcing for fairly used electronics products and new ones,

  1. Deluxe —

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022 is another unique website that is very much committed in giving value to customers who visits their website to order for electronics products of different kinds, customers satisfaction is their top most priority,

they are specialized in selling different kinds of electronics products, Ranging from generators, freezers, microwaves, digital mixers, speakers, and computer systems, and many other  electrical equipment.

They deal on different products and sizes with one to two years warranty in each of the products you buy from them, haven’t made a name like other listed online selling website in Nigeria but you can be rest assured that deals on a quality products that comes with at least 2years warrantee,

there customers satisfaction is their uttermost priority ones you buy a product from them it will be delivered right in your home within 24hours from the time of purchase

  1. Zit — is also one of the leading online website that deal on electronics gadgets for home and office use, provides their customers with a quality products that stands a test of time in value and long lasting products,


you can always patronize when you need a good quality electronics products on discounted rates and insurance warranty of 1 to 2 years. They sell all sorts of electronics ranging from TV, Freezers, Generators, and even kitchen items like Microwaves, Cookers and a lot more.

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

zit, delivers the products you bought from them at your home or office within the period of 12 to 24 hours of purchasing this products’ the arrival time depends on the distance to the place of delivery

  1. Mega Plaza —

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

Mega Plaza is an additional website on the list of online market, am very sure you haven’t heard of that website before. Though mega plaza is not as old like the above-mentioned online market sites.

mega plaza

We have analyzed their mode of operation and we found out that they have high standard in their modus operandi in reaching out to their customers satisfaction,


if you are looking for an online market store where you can purchase your electronics gadget with warranty of 2 years You should visit, Mega plaza also gives the buyer  the opportunity to return any product bought from them that developed faults before the warrantee assurance elapses  you can get Projectors, TV, Industrial Standing Fan, Air conditions, and a lot more from Mega Plaza.



You can always visit and order any electronics device of your choice and they will deliver them to your doorstep or you desired destination within 24 hours after purchasing anywhere around Nigeria

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  1. Jamarahome —

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

Jamarahome is an online marketing outlet where you can purchase any kind of electronics devices in Nigeria They offer excellent services to their customers they sale their electronics products at a good affordable prices,

their customers satisfaction is their number one  concern, they also have a discounted rate for their customers, any purchased electronics products from is delivered at any location in Nigeria after purchase. how to buy gadgets on



 8 Best   Overseas Electronics Online Shopping Websites to Buy Gadgets in Nigeria

If you wish to buy any electronics gadgets office and home appliances outside Nigeria like taken your electronics shopping experience outside Nigeria, this is one of the best online websites you can visit and order your electronics gadgets without stress and your order will be delivered to you here in Nigeria

  1. AliExpress —

Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

AliExpress is a topmost Chinese online market  and it’s one of the  discounted online supermarket run stores in the world. On AliExpress you’ll get inexpensive and superiority electronics and you will order them and they will be brought to you in Nigeria.



Shopping on AliExpress is pretty easy, but if you need a correct guide, you can squared one of our AliExpress Purchasers Attendant guild in Nigeria. AliExpress is reliable and it’s one of the finest Operational Stores To Buy Electronics from Nigeria.



Best stores electronics gadgets in Nigeria 2022

Amazon is 0ne of the best frontline online shopping outlet in the world where you can buy expensive    electronics and another appliance and they’ll be brought to your doorstep in Nigeria. This website takes diverse variations of electronics, you can buy both home and office appliances. TVs, gadgets computer and many other kinds of electronics device.



On Amazon, you will get a modified reduction in price, they offer a discount when you buy in larger quantity, Amazon is one of the best online outlets where you can buy your electronics appliances without stress and it will be delivered to you

  1. Banggood —


Banggood is a reliable e-commerce website from China and it’s questionably one of the largest electronics vendors in the world. On Banggood, you’ll get a quality electronics and gadgets products and they’re pretty inexpensive as well.



You can buy on Banggood from Nigeria and your commands will be shipped and delivered to you at your location Banggood is a reliable online store to buy electronics and other gadgets and it’s one of the most trust online vendors that Nigerians trust



When it comes to buying electronics online in Nigeria, these couple of websites are the ones I know you’ll find good electronics and they sell them at affordable prices, one good thing about buying electronics online in Nigeria is that you will get a longer warranty period.

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