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Immigration to Canada has increased dramatically in recent years. Over a quarter of all
employment in Canada is held by immigrants from all over the world.
When Canadian businesses are unable to find suitable personnel in their own country, they
make several suggestions to hire competent people from other countries and, if granted,
sponsor their work visa applications.
This post will look at some of the companies that sponsor visas for foreign nationals in Canada.

Companies that sponsor work visas in Canada 2022

What is visa sponsorship?

A visa sponsorship suggests that someone or something (a sponsor) accepts responsibility for
you and your actions while in that country.
The sponsor is effectively presenting the government with a petition demanding that the visitor
be allowed.

Why do Canadian businesses sponsor work visas?

They do this because Canada old population and low birth rate are increasingly diminishing
the labor force, resulting in employment gaps that must be filled by qualified persons.
As a result, foreigners who wish to work in Canada now have an excellent opportunity to do so.
While Canadian businesses do not necessarily sponsor foreign employees, they do assist in the
submission of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and the payment of expenses.

9 Companies in Canada that sponsor work visas

1. Baobab Staffing and Consulting Canada

Baobab Staffing and Consulting is a social company based in Canada that provides staffing
solutions, strategic project management, translation, and consultancy services.
Their social impact-driven business is culturally aware, with a particular focus on attracting
diverse highly qualified skilled trades talent. They are very prominent in visa sponsorship
Baobab Consulting, a subsidiary of the Dream Maker Development group of enterprises, has
established itself as a prominent expert in managing new construction, rehabilitation projects,
building expansions, and retrofits.
They employ a variety of strategies to recruit the top applicants and temporary contractors for
your projects and open vacancies.

2. Mobsquad

Mobsquad tackles the significant and growing technical talent shortage faced by US-based
start-ups and scale-ups by ensuring that software professionals with US work visa concerns
continue to work nearshore from Canada with their current company.
Mobsquad can help software workers and their families obtain Canadian work visas and
permanent residency in as little as six to eight weeks and Canadian permanent residency in as
little as a year.


Furthermore, Mobsquad has unrestricted access to top-tier global talent, which it relocates to
Canada and couples on an exclusive long-term basis with US and Canadian customers.
This helps to assist technology enterprises not only to retain but also to significantly increase
their existing world-class talent base.

3. Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. is a Calgary-based Canadian multinational pipeline company. They employ
around 12,000 people, the majority of whom work in the United States and Canada.
Enbridge Inc. is a North American and international energy transportation, distribution, and
related services company.
The company owns and operates a crude oil and liquids pipeline system, is involved in
international energy projects, and owns and operates natural gas transmission and midstream
Enbridge also distributes and retails natural gas and electricity.

4. Google Canada

Google established itself in Canada technology hub, Waterloo, Ontario, in 2005, and has since
become an integral part of the Waterloo region technology community.
They are involved in donating volunteer hours to STEM education programs and hiring
engineers to build Google products that Canadians and people all over the world use every day.
And now, Google Canada employs almost 2,500 people.

5. Agri-Fresh Inc.
Agri-Fresh Inc. specializes in refrigerated transportation.
They specialize in temperature-controlled truckload freight and have the equipment and skills to
ensure that your things arrive safely and at the correct temperatures.
Their job sponsorship opportunities have also been identified on Canadian farm employment job websites.

They are asset-based, with drivers engaged by the firm who have been verified, recruited, and
educated to deliver fresh and nutritious meals.

Tractors are inspected at the outset of each voyage to ensure everything is in working condition
before loading the freight.

6. KPMG Canada

Another method for finding visa sponsorship jobs in Canada is by delving into banking
KPMG LLP is a Canadian member firm of KPMG International.
They offer Audit, Tax, and Advisory services to a wide range of public and private corporations,
non-profit organizations, and government agencies throughout Canada.
They position themselves as welcoming, with diversity and equity at the forefront of their
employment policies.

The variety of their employees mirrors the diversity of their clients and the areas they serve.
Their multicultural workforce embodies these values, and they always look to grow this
workforce by sponsoring work visas for foreign workers.

7. Parrish and Heimbecker

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian family-owned business with over 100 years
of agricultural experience.
P&H is a vertically integrated, growth-oriented firm with operations in grain marketing, crop
inputs, flour milling, and feed mills across Canada.
P&H employs over 1,500 employees at over 70 locations around the country, with customers in 24 countries.


P&H takes pride in being a first-rate business partner, listening, and always learning to align and adapt services to customer expectations.

8. Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a headless commerce solution that connects template-less eCommerce into
business ERP systems as middleware.
The API-based solution is primarily aimed at Enterprise-level businesses.
Elastic Path is a private company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with sales
offices in the UK and the US.


Elastic Path Software, Inc. creates content management systems and e-commerce software. It
offers digital marketing and e-commerce services.
Elastic Path has a very welcoming environment for foreign employees and always seeks to
make the adjustment process easier by sponsoring their visas.
Employees are enthused about their occupations and put forth a lot of effort. They are
committed to the bigger team and are always willing to assist others.

9. Scotiabank

A Canadian bank focused on high-quality growing areas in the Americas.
Scotiabank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services business headquartered
in Toronto, Ontario.
It is Canada third-largest bank by deposits and market capitalization, and one of the country

Big Five banks.
It serves over 25 million customers globally and offers a wide range of products and services
like personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and corporate and investment






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