Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022

Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022



Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022

If you’re looking to complete a degree or higher in Australia, you’re welcome to apply for Full Deakin university scholarships only for Vietnamese Students in 2022-2023.


Vietnamese students who are residents in Vietnam with an 8.00 /10 grade in high school in Vietnam are eligible to receive this award. This distinction is provided through Deakin University itself and will provide 20 percent of the tuition cost for the chosen program of the students selected for their studies.



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Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022 Description 

Deakin University offers a personalized experience enhanced by digital technology, which creates the potential and possibilities to live in a constantly connected and changing the world for staff and students. The top public research and technical university ranked 55th among the best universities.


What are the benefits of studying at Deakin University? Deakin University provides world-class facilities and a robust group of supervisory academics that are experts in their field and a variety of internationally acknowledged research projects for students. They also allow them to progress in every aspect. Students at Deakin can work with research partners across the country and internationally and also attend famous conferences.


Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarship

  • Institution: Deakin University
  • Department: NA
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate or Postgraduate
  • Mode of Applying: Online
  • Number of Scholarships: Not Given
  • To be taken to Australia


Application Deadline:

  • The application process is now live.
  • Application deadline Trimester 3 2023

Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022 Eligible Requirements

  • Candidates from eligible countries: Students of Vietnam can apply.
  • Eligible Courses or Subjects Students are eligible to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Nutrition Science, Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), Bachelor of Psychology Science Master of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion and the Master in Advanced Nursing by Deakin University.


  • Acceptable Criteria: To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria as stated in the guidelines:
  • The applicant must be a citizen of Vietnam living in Vietnam.
  • Candidates must be current students enrolled in their degree program until the 3rd trimester of 2024.
  • The applicants must have graduated from high school at a high school in Vietnam (local as well as international)


  • The applicants must be in high school with at least an 8.00/10 GPA.
  • Language Requirement: Students must meet the English requirements for the university’s language.
Best Deakin University Vietnam Scholarships 2022 Value of Scholarship

Deakin University will give a 20 percent tuition fee of the tuition fee total to the successful student who wishes to pursue their studies in Australia.


Application Guidelines


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